Gay as a fruit, looking like a snack.

About the show

Who needs a dose of audible nutrients? Look no further than Fruitsnacks Podcast. Indulge with us, Shane and Bryan your two light bites of fruity fun, as we explore what it means to add a little extra “fruit” to a bomb ass punch. Join our snack pack as we peel away the layers of societal standards and dive deep into a fruit salad of tantalizing topics. Whether it is your morning commute or your daily jog, Fruitsnacks are the perfect pick-me up to propel you through your day. Help us squeeze the juice out of this world to nourish our minds. We are gay like the fruit. We are looking like a snack. You are listening to… FRUITSNACKS!!!✌🏼✌🏾

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  • Episode 013: Sosh Meeds

    March 11th, 2019  |  52 mins 26 secs
    fruit, fruitsnacks, los angles, new york, snack, social media

    In this episode, Shane and Bryan finally get together in L.A. to discuss all things social media. They may be millennials, but they’re no fools to the facade of the lives people prefer the world to see.

  • Episode 012: Emotional Intelligence

    March 4th, 2019  |  1 hr 5 mins
    emotional, emotional intelligence, eq, fruit, fruitsnacks, gay, intelligence, lgbt, lgbt+, lgbtq+, snacks

    In this episode, the boys discuss emotional intelligence. (We didn’t realize this was a thing, either.)

  • Episode 011: The Kona Catastrophe pt 2

    February 25th, 2019  |  1 hr 7 mins
    fruit, fruitsnacks, gay, lgbt, lgbt+, lgbtq+, racism, snacks

    In this second segment of their discussion on Black History Month, Shane and Bryan interview one another to gather a better understanding of their different perspectives and experiences with race. They break down what it means to be different, and they also just break down. ⚠️ UGLY CRIES EXIST!

  • Episode 010: The Kona Catastrophe pt 1

    February 18th, 2019  |  1 hr 2 mins
    fruit, fruitsnacks, gay, lgbt, lgbt+, lgbtq+, racism, snacks

    In this segment of their first two-part episode, the boys explore a personal experience that highlights the importance of Black History Month. *Only half of this episode was recorded from a white perspective.

  • Episode 009: One Pod Two Gays

    February 11th, 2019  |  1 hr 5 mins
    1 girl 5 gays, 1g5g, flirt, fruit, fruitsnacks, gay, homosexual, lgbt, snacks

    *Disclaimer- Poor sound quality on Bryan's mic... UNPROFESSIONAL!
    In this episode, the boys reminisce on one of their favorite T.V. shows, 1 Girl 5 Gays, to give their audience a better idea of who they are.

  • Episode 008: Oh God! (Religion)

    February 4th, 2019  |  1 hr 7 mins
    fruit, fruitsnacks, gay, lgbt, religion, snacks, spiritual, spirituality

    In this episode, Shane and Bryan explore their personal upbringings and current stances on religion, and what it means to be gay and spiritual.

  • Episode 007: Calamari Rings (First Gay Experiences)

    January 28th, 2019  |  1 hr 11 mins
    flirt, fruit, fruitsnacks, gay, gay experience, lgbt, snacks

    In this episode, the boys reunite to catch up in NYC to discuss all things Botox, first gay experiences, and how to flirt. *No fish were harmed in the making of this episode. Vegan friendly.

  • Episode 006: Career B.A.B.

    January 21st, 2019  |  1 hr 22 mins
    anxiety, career, fresh fruit, fruit rollup, in season, insecurity, self confidence

    In this episode, Shane and Bryan welcome their first guest, Sydnee, long-time friend and roommate, to discuss making career changes “late” in life and finding self-confidence in living out your passions.

  • Episode 005: Our Truth (Self-Identity)

    January 14th, 2019  |  1 hr 23 mins
    fresh fruit, fruit rollup, identity, in season, people, privilege, self identity, society

    In this episode, Shane and Bryan reflect on their truths of the privilege that guides society, the identities society pushes on people, and the difficulties of maintaining a sense of self-identity through it all.

  • Episode 004: Societal Sexuality

    January 7th, 2019  |  1 hr 21 mins
    asmr, feminine, fresh fruit, fruit rollup, fruit smoothie, in season, masculine, sexuality

    In this episode, Shane and Bryan discuss sexual Snapchat stories, rhubarb asses, sexual preferences in feminine and masculine energies, and the phenomenon known as ASMR.

  • Episode 003: Fruit Fly Anal

    December 17th, 2018  |  1 hr 20 mins
    anal, fresh fruit, fresh smoothie, fruit fly, in season, salad, sex

    In this episode, Shane and Bryan dive deep into the pleasures and specifics of anal, tales of their professions 30,000 feet above ground, and what they’re grateful for.

  • Episode 002: Finding Your Tribe

    December 10th, 2018  |  1 hr 17 mins
    chosen family, coven, family, fresh fruit, fruit rollup, fruit smoothie, in season, throuples, tribe

    In this episode, the boys discuss the importance of finding your tribe and self-identity as an adult in a new format of the show. They dive into politics, relationships, throuples and how to find home in the people in your life.

  • Episode 001: Where It All Begins

    November 28th, 2018  |  57 mins 15 secs
    beginning, friends, gay, lgbt, los angeles, new york, personality

    They’re here, and they’re queer. Shane and Bryan introduce themselves, and one another, to listeners in their first episode of Fruitsnacks. They discuss their antics, their personality traits, and their flaws, and how their history as friends brought them to this podcast.